Compliance Services

Guardlii offers tailored SOC 2 compliance services to meet the distinct security and privacy needs of businesses in Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Financial Services sectors. With a team experienced in navigating the SOC 2 framework, we guide organizations through every compliance step, regardless of industry. Trust Guardlii to bolster your security controls, aligning with both sector-specific expectations and regulatory standards.

Each of our services focuses on specific elements of SOC 2 compliance, ensuring that from financial institutions to retail chains, your organization is equipped with a comprehensive strategy to protect critical data and maintain stakeholder confidence.

1. SOC 2 Gap Analysis:

This service involves a thorough assessment of your organization's current security practices and policies compared to the requirements of the SOC 2 framework. Our experts identify gaps and vulnerabilities, providing you with a detailed report outlining areas for improvement.
1. Initial consultation to understand the client's business, systems, and objectives.
2. Review of existing policies, controls, and documentation.
3. Identification of gaps between current practices and SOC 2 requirements.
4. Detailed gap analysis report with recommendations.
Client Provides:
- Access to existing policies, controls, and documentation.
- Cooperation in providing information about current security practices.
- Contact details of relevant personnel for interviews.

2. SOC 2 Risk Assessment and Management:

This service focuses on identifying and mitigating risks to your organization's sensitive information. Collaborative sessions help identify assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts. We develop risk treatment plans and ensure ongoing monitoring.
1. Collaborative sessions to identify assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts.
2. Assessment of risks, including likelihood and impact analysis.
3. Development of risk treatment plans and mitigation strategies.
4. Ongoing monitoring and periodic risk reassessment.
Client Provides:
- Inventory of assets, systems, and data.
- Insight into potential threats and vulnerabilities.
- Information on existing controls and safeguards.

3. SOC 2 Policy and Procedure Development:

This service involves crafting tailored policies and procedures that align with SOC 2 criteria. We work collaboratively to ensure your organization's practices are in line with the required security and privacy standards.
1. In-depth discussions to understand the client's business processes and structure.
2. Creation of tailored policies and procedures aligned with SOC 2 criteria.
3. Review and feedback loops to ensure accuracy and clarity.
4. Finalization and documentation of policies and procedures.
Client Provides:
- Insights into current business processes.
- Understanding of the organization's structure and goals.
- Collaboration on policy customization.

4. SOC 2 Training and Awareness:

Our customized training and awareness services equip your staff with the knowledge they need to maintain information security best practices in alignment with SOC 2 guidelines.
1. Assessment of employee roles and responsibilities.
2. Customization of training content.
3. Delivery of training sessions and awareness campaigns.
4. Post-training assessments and ongoing reinforcement activities.
Client Provides:
- Information on employee roles and responsibilities.
- Overview of existing training programs.
- Access to company communication channels.

5. SOC 2 Implementation Support:

This service provides expert guidance on integrating SOC 2 controls seamlessly into your organization's processes, ensuring the effective implementation of security measures.
1. Detailed project planning, including resource allocation and timeline.
2. Mapping of existing processes to SOC 2 requirements.
3. Development of necessary documentation, such as policies and controls.
4. Integration of new practices and controls into daily operations.
Client Provides:
- Cooperation in implementing new practices.
- Access to process and procedure details.
- Participation in the integration of controls.

6. SOC 2 Internal Audits:

Our comprehensive internal audit services assess the effectiveness of your implemented controls and practices, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring ongoing compliance.
1. Planning of audit scope, objectives, and criteria.
2. Conducting the audit, including document review and interviews.
3. Identifying non-conformities and areas of improvement.
4. Reporting findings and recommending corrective actions.
Client Provides:
- Documentation of implemented controls.
- Access to personnel for interviews.
- Evidence of control effectiveness.

7. SOC 2 Certification Preparation:

We assist in preparing your organization for the SOC 2 certification audit, ensuring that all documentation and practices align with the required standards.
1. Pre-audit assessment to ensure readiness for the certification audit.
2. Documentation review and refinement.
3. Mock audit or simulation to identify potential issues.
4. Assistance during the external certification audit process.
Client Provides:
- Comprehensive documentation of processes.
- Proof of control implementation.
- Cooperation during the external audit process.

8. Continuous Compliance Monitoring:

Our ongoing monitoring services ensure your organization's continued adherence to SOC 2 standards, allowing you to adapt to evolving security challenges and regulatory requirements.
1. Establishment of regular review cycles for policies, controls, and practices.
2. Periodic risk assessments to identify emerging threats.
3. Ongoing training, awareness campaigns, and updates to documentation.
4. Adjustments based on evolving regulatory requirements.
Client Provides:
- Regular updates on processes and procedures.
- Incident reports and control changes.
- Feedback on control effectiveness.

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