Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Your defenses should be too. Guardlii is a cybersecurity consultancy with a strategic focus on delivering sector-specific solutions across Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Financial Services. Our approach is analytical and precise, grounded in a comprehensive risk equation methodology that tailors mitigation strategies to the unique challenges of each client. We believe there is only business risk. OUR GOAL: Reduce the probability of an incident and reduce the impact of an incident on your organization.

At the forefront of our service offering are thorough Risk Assessments, rigorous Compliance Guidance, and detailed Cybersecurity Training. We specialize in navigating and implementing recognized standards including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC2, and NIST, instilling a disciplined security mindset and ensuring strict adherence to regulatory frameworks.

With Guardlii, your organization gains a trusted partner in cybersecurity resilience.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Consulting

You're looking for knowledgeable company to ensure your organization is secure. We can help! Our cybersecurity services are segmented into three primary areas: Risk Assessment and Management, Compliance Services, and Security Awareness Training. With advanced tools and expertise, we offer businesses effective protective strategies that keep attackers out and your data safe.

Guardlii will not only assist in identifying and mitigating risk vulnerabilities, we'll also ensure compliance with known industry cyber security standards, and enhance overall security awareness. Trust in consistent support, precise guidance, and robust protection.

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Security Assessment and Risk Management Solutions

Our team meticulously assess every facet of your ecosystem, including internal systems, supplier networks, POS systems, eCommerce platforms, and third-party plugins. This overview creates targeted mitigation strategies ensuring business security.
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Compliance Services Solutions

The Guardlii team of professional simplifies the complexities of regulatory requirements and help you mitigate the costs of non-compliance. Our expertise extends to creating transparent reports that highlight your compliance status, emphasizing your commitment to security and trustworthiness.
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Security Awareness Training Solutions

Our custom cybersecurity training is more than just the basics. We ensure your employees are fully aware of potential threats and equipped with the knowledge and tools to prevent cyber-attacks. Our goal is to cultivate a strong security culture within your organization.


Enhanced cybersecurity today with guardlii

Our Customer Segments

We understand your industry. Guardlii is committed to protecting organizations across key sectors: Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Financial Services. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, we provide tailored solutions to address the unique vulnerabilities inherent to each sector.

Our focus is on safeguarding your data, adhering to sector-specific regulatory standards, and preventing potential operational disruptions from emerging cyber threats. Our goal is to minimize incident risks and impacts on your organization.

For Ecommerce & Retail

  • PCI DSS Compliance Support
  • Customer Data Protection 
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in Payment Processing Systems  
  • Daily threat reporting on infrastructure 
  • Training programs for IT staff, data security teams, and customer service teams 

For Manufacturing & Industry

  • Assess the security of industrial control systems 
  • Help implement ISO 27001 – compliant ISMS to protect intellectual property 
  • Assist in achieving SOC2 compliance to ensure supply chain security and sensitive data
  • Training for manufacturing staff, engineers, production & supply chain managers 

For Government & Institutions

  • Ensure government agencies meet security standards 
  • Assess cyber security maturity, and ability to defend against threats
  • Assist government agencies in implementing ISO 27001 
  • Implement SOC2 compliance services for government contractors 
  • Cybersecurity awareness training on security measures

For Banking & Finance

  • PCI DSS assessments specific to financial institutions 
  • Ensure compliance with financial industry standards 
  • Gap analysis to pinpoint weaknesses in cybersecurity protocols 
  • Training programs on data security, compliance standards, risk management 

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